August 15, 2015

Exotic places to dine and podldogs.

Phinny here....

I'm sure dat everra one knows der  is anuffer,  anuffer dog livin here wif us on PEI. Yup I said anuffer anuffer one. Dat is just a better way of sayin there is two podldogs in dis here house.

Dat newest one is a NOT a good one. Nope he is not. He barksandbarksandbarks at me, and chases me up and down da hall and into da baffroom and onto the bed. Whew I gets exhausterated jest finking about it.   I haf become rather stout in the last few years, so this is not a good thing as I do not like running and jumpin and such like.

I is not afraid of him, I just do not like being picked up by dabackada neck and carried around like a rag doll, which is what he wood do if I allowed it.  Would you? Like it I mean.  Nope, I didn't think so.

Anyway, da ladypeep says he is here to stay and that I gotta ajust accordinlee.  So I am tryin, but is he? Nope, I fink not.

You is probably all excited to know what I have been up to.  Well dere has been lotsa stuff.  Most important in my mind, is that ladypeep is playin hideanseek wif da food dish.  When we first moved she putted it in the laundry room on the cabinet, which was good, cause it was in a kinda secluded place, which I liked 'cause I enjoys prifacy when I is dining. But then dat dog came along and decided he wanted to eat alla our foods, so da peep lady putted da dish ontoppa da dryer (which was kinda excitin when I tried to haf dinner when dere was a loada clothes dryin in kinda felt like I was onna train or sumfin, but dats a hole nufer story).  Anyways dat Odie podldog kep growin and growin and allofasudden he could stand up and stick his nose in da food dish when it was waaay up on the dryer. IMAGINE HOW BIG HE IS TO BE ABLE TO DO DAT.  So da foods dish had da go some where else.  Finally she moved it to the window ledge in da kichen behind dat pretty plant.  Which is a comprimise, cause we hasta jump up onto da counter to get there (which da peeps does not like), but dere is nowhere else in alla da house that podldog nose cannot reach.

Don't you agree dat da best solujion is to remove da troublesum podldog  instedda making me and Brofur Ed search for our supper dish!


da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys...when dawgs take yur foodz outta yur own dish...ewe shuld call de pole lease & haz em a rested for food nappin ....wait...that sounds like de foodz a sleep....for food theeve a ree ...yea ....thanx for stoppin by R blog; feel free two any time & help yur selves ta whatz cookin on de grill......we haz fish a grillin 25/8 !!! happee week a head ~~~ ♥♥♥

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