August 15, 2015

Exotic places to dine and podldogs.

Phinny here....

I'm sure dat everra one knows der  is anuffer,  anuffer dog livin here wif us on PEI. Yup I said anuffer anuffer one. Dat is just a better way of sayin there is two podldogs in dis here house.

Dat newest one is a NOT a good one. Nope he is not. He barksandbarksandbarks at me, and chases me up and down da hall and into da baffroom and onto the bed. Whew I gets exhausterated jest finking about it.   I haf become rather stout in the last few years, so this is not a good thing as I do not like running and jumpin and such like.

I is not afraid of him, I just do not like being picked up by dabackada neck and carried around like a rag doll, which is what he wood do if I allowed it.  Would you? Like it I mean.  Nope, I didn't think so.

Anyway, da ladypeep says he is here to stay and that I gotta ajust accordinlee.  So I am tryin, but is he? Nope, I fink not.

You is probably all excited to know what I have been up to.  Well dere has been lotsa stuff.  Most important in my mind, is that ladypeep is playin hideanseek wif da food dish.  When we first moved she putted it in the laundry room on the cabinet, which was good, cause it was in a kinda secluded place, which I liked 'cause I enjoys prifacy when I is dining. But then dat dog came along and decided he wanted to eat alla our foods, so da peep lady putted da dish ontoppa da dryer (which was kinda excitin when I tried to haf dinner when dere was a loada clothes dryin in kinda felt like I was onna train or sumfin, but dats a hole nufer story).  Anyways dat Odie podldog kep growin and growin and allofasudden he could stand up and stick his nose in da food dish when it was waaay up on the dryer. IMAGINE HOW BIG HE IS TO BE ABLE TO DO DAT.  So da foods dish had da go some where else.  Finally she moved it to the window ledge in da kichen behind dat pretty plant.  Which is a comprimise, cause we hasta jump up onto da counter to get there (which da peeps does not like), but dere is nowhere else in alla da house that podldog nose cannot reach.

Don't you agree dat da best solujion is to remove da troublesum podldog  instedda making me and Brofur Ed search for our supper dish!

February 14, 2015

2015 who knew!!!!

Before we go any further the lady peep wants anyone who comes to visit to know she tried to turn word verification off. She is not sure she was successful, so please comment if it is still on.

I seem to start all my posts by apologizing for not having posted anything in a long time.  So yada yada yada, sorry, sincere apologies, etc. I PLAN TO DO BETTER THIS YEAR.

All of us, including the dog are loving PEI.  It may be the smallest province but I think it's the best.  Phinny says anywhere the peep lady is is the best place in the world and I cannot disagree.

...But holy catfish the weather is wonky.  It did not even think about snowing here until the end of January and since then, there has been  about 5 feet of it  fall out of the sky.  It blows around so much I can hardly see out the window some mornings, which is a serious matter, as there are many things outside which have to be watched very carefully, such as the fence posts where the squirrels sit, and the bird feeders.  I personally have not gone outside since mid-October because I do not like getting wet feet.  I have a plan to start going outside again in May.

So since this is my first post for this year, I should tell you my Resolutions for 2015.  I have taken quite a bit of time contemplating this very important subject and have come up with this list.

Resolution 1.  I will get up when the peep lady does...otherwise I will miss my pre-breakfast treat.  Yessiree Bob we get treats before breakfast.  I think this occurs because the peep lady does not like Phinny walking between her feet while she is making coffee, so the first thing she does is go to the treat jar and pick out 3 Temptations treats each for me and Phinny.  Naturally she is not paying much attention to who is eating what, so if I don't get up in time, guess who loses.... Not Phinny.

Resolution 2.  I will make an effort to leave the kitty litter in the kitty litter box.  I admit it.  Yes, it's me who trails crumbs of litter out of the box and onto the floor.  Unfortunately I have very large feet and sometimes the litter gets between my toes when I'm scratching and, well you know what happens next.  Yes it's messy and not nice and I'm sorry already.  Are you happy now?

Resolution 3.  I will not start trouble between Phinny and the dog.  Who am I kidding, you betcha I will do that. It's one of the most important and satisfying parts of my day. I will just get better at it, so
That the peep lady does not catch me so often.

Resolution 4.  I will try to keep everyone up to date with what is going on here.  Do not tell the others but I think we are getting another poodldog.  Yikes.

October 23, 2014

Reaching My Potential

Yessiree it is official.  I have become all that I can be, I have reached my true potential, I AM FINALLY AN INSIDE / OUTSIDE CAT.

Can you believe it?  I would not blame you if you said no, I find myself in awe of my new status from time to time also.  So with very little further ado, let me tell you how this all came about.

I have to omit or gloss over some very interesting but time consuming parts for now, but I promise I will take some time in the future to tell you all about what happened since we last talked.

FYI, Phinny is alive and well, but he is a scaredy cat and will not go outside. I must also add, that he has put on some serious poundage and barely fits into his cat tree bed anymore.

Not me, nosiree bob, I am a  slim, trim, (some might even say svelte) kick-ass man cat. I  slink through the flower bushes, sniff my way around the backyard, climb trees in the forest and pounce on critters who live there.  ONCE I POUNCED ON A SLITHERY SNEAKY SNAKE... I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE.  The lady peep just laughs when I knock on the door to go outside; she says the novelty will wear off when the snow comes. I THINK NOT.

So here is what transpired since my last post…

The man peep retired.  He and the lady peep sold our house in Alberta, packed up everything we own and moved to the other side of Canada.  We now live in Prince Edward Island, which is the littlest province and way on the East coast of Canada.  We are all very happy and excited to be here…Getting here was a whole other story, which I've promised Phinny he can tell you guys some day, as he has a very interesting perspective to say the least.

So after we got here, (Phinny and I came on an airplane) we found the peeps and the doggone dog took a long road trip and were already here waiting for us.  There they were, sitting in our new house, just the three of them, no furniture, no appliances, nothing at all, other than what they had in their suitcases, waiting for us to arrive.  Here is a picture of the new house.

As you can see it is a very lovely place for a cat to live with lots of flowers and stuff in the front and a forest in the backyard just for us.  Its really too bad that Phinny doesn't want to go out into the world, 'cause there is lots of stuff to see and do out there.

Anyway long story short, we are here, we are happy, we finally have high speed internet with WIFI and we have lots of time for writing and talking to our friends.  Life is good.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a recent pic of the peeps.

Hehhehheh, no its not them, its the Tin Family who live up the road.  Aren't they cute.  Here is an actual pic of the peep lady and the doggone dog.

October 13, 2014

Cripes...another dog. Does they never learn?

So dis is da fing. Dere is a dog in dis house. Yup dere is.  He is , accordin to brofur Ed, a brofur dog, but I doez not like him at all. Nope I do not.  He is big and black and fuzzy and smelly...and der is definitely somefing wrong wif his brain dat makes him growandgrowandgrow.  He started out littler dan me... Now he is jest a huge black poodldog. Dey say hez a standard poodldog but in mine hupinion hez substandard at da verra best.

Dis hère is a pikjure of that doggone poodldog.

September 22, 2013

Cookies and da problems dat causes

Me and brofur Ed are worried about the peep lady.  Dis is why...

She seys it is 'cause of dat time a year again, when da weather is gettin cooler and she jest wants to sit on her bottom and watch dat tv box in da basement.  She seys it is almost impossible to look at dat tv box wiffout eatin cookies ...  but I is here to tell you dat she should be also worryin about da crackers and chips 'cause a da problems dey is causin me.

I is worried 'cause da crackers and cookies leaves crumbs in her laps which gets stuck in mine fur when I roll around to get mine belly rubbed, and then that dog wants to sniff me, which makes me both verra scairt and angry, so den I hisses at him and sumtimes i try to whomp him wiff my paw. Den he jumps around barkin and makin big poodldog noises, den brofur Ed scrams up the cat tree and afore you even know dere is a huge problem with hissin and barkin and fighten.

Anyhow to get back to the main point, da peep lady is worried dat her lap is gettin too big, 'cause of her love for cookies, crackers, etc.  I duz not unnerstand dis, dere is no such fing as a lap dat is too big is dere? I fink der is definitely problems if dat lap is not big enuff for brofur Ed and me boff to curl up in.

Dat is what I have to say about dat!!!