September 22, 2013

Cookies and da problems dat causes

Me and brofur Ed are worried about the peep lady.  Dis is why...

She seys it is 'cause of dat time a year again, when da weather is gettin cooler and she jest wants to sit on her bottom and watch dat tv box in da basement.  She seys it is almost impossible to look at dat tv box wiffout eatin cookies ...  but I is here to tell you dat she should be also worryin about da crackers and chips 'cause a da problems dey is causin me.

I is worried 'cause da crackers and cookies leaves crumbs in her laps which gets stuck in mine fur when I roll around to get mine belly rubbed, and then that dog wants to sniff me, which makes me both verra scairt and angry, so den I hisses at him and sumtimes i try to whomp him wiff my paw. Den he jumps around barkin and makin big poodldog noises, den brofur Ed scrams up the cat tree and afore you even know dere is a huge problem with hissin and barkin and fighten.

Anyhow to get back to the main point, da peep lady is worried dat her lap is gettin too big, 'cause of her love for cookies, crackers, etc.  I duz not unnerstand dis, dere is no such fing as a lap dat is too big is dere? I fink der is definitely problems if dat lap is not big enuff for brofur Ed and me boff to curl up in.

Dat is what I have to say about dat!!!

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Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, no, we missed your post. We hope you all have resolved the problem of the lap, the crumbs and the cat/dog fights. Have a Merry Christmas!