October 23, 2014

Reaching My Potential

Yessiree it is official.  I have become all that I can be, I have reached my true potential, I AM FINALLY AN INSIDE / OUTSIDE CAT.

Can you believe it?  I would not blame you if you said no, I find myself in awe of my new status from time to time also.  So with very little further ado, let me tell you how this all came about.

I have to omit or gloss over some very interesting but time consuming parts for now, but I promise I will take some time in the future to tell you all about what happened since we last talked.

FYI, Phinny is alive and well, but he is a scaredy cat and will not go outside. I must also add, that he has put on some serious poundage and barely fits into his cat tree bed anymore.

Not me, nosiree bob, I am a  slim, trim, (some might even say svelte) kick-ass man cat. I  slink through the flower bushes, sniff my way around the backyard, climb trees in the forest and pounce on critters who live there.  ONCE I POUNCED ON A SLITHERY SNEAKY SNAKE... I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE.  The lady peep just laughs when I knock on the door to go outside; she says the novelty will wear off when the snow comes. I THINK NOT.

So here is what transpired since my last post…

The man peep retired.  He and the lady peep sold our house in Alberta, packed up everything we own and moved to the other side of Canada.  We now live in Prince Edward Island, which is the littlest province and way on the East coast of Canada.  We are all very happy and excited to be here…Getting here was a whole other story, which I've promised Phinny he can tell you guys some day, as he has a very interesting perspective to say the least.

So after we got here, (Phinny and I came on an airplane) we found the peeps and the doggone dog took a long road trip and were already here waiting for us.  There they were, sitting in our new house, just the three of them, no furniture, no appliances, nothing at all, other than what they had in their suitcases, waiting for us to arrive.  Here is a picture of the new house.

As you can see it is a very lovely place for a cat to live with lots of flowers and stuff in the front and a forest in the backyard just for us.  Its really too bad that Phinny doesn't want to go out into the world, 'cause there is lots of stuff to see and do out there.

Anyway long story short, we are here, we are happy, we finally have high speed internet with WIFI and we have lots of time for writing and talking to our friends.  Life is good.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a recent pic of the peeps.

Hehhehheh, no its not them, its the Tin Family who live up the road.  Aren't they cute.  Here is an actual pic of the peep lady and the doggone dog.

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